Craving meat in Brampton? Tandoori Meat Shop aka Tandoori Grill Meat Shop is your go-to option! We are a top-notch destination for grilled delicacies in Brampton. It’s the perfect place if you are looking for a variety of delicious meats that appeal to meat enthusiasts. It is located in a convenient location and accessible location. Our restaurant captures the true spirit of traditional tandoori food. It is a distinctive and engaging dining experience for its customers.

Tandoori Grill Meat Shop demonstrates a dedication to the quality and variety of meats, along with offering expert advice for achieving tandoori perfection in your kitchen. We have a passion for providing exceptional meats that bring joy to the taste buds. Come with us on an adventure to explore the flavorful realm of Tandoori Grill Meat Shop.

Tandoori Grill Meat Shop

Are you searching for delicious meat options to enhance your meals in Brampton? There is no need to search beyond Tandoori Grill Meat Shop. This secret treasure is the perfect place to find high-quality meats that excite your taste buds and make you want more. We have a variety of chicken and mutton dishes. The list is extensive which makes it perfect for non-veg devotees.

  • Fish Pakora
  • Chicken Seekh Kabab
  • Chicken Pakora
  • Goat Curry
  • Butter Chicken
  • Chicken Curry
  • Tawa Chicken (Weekend Special)
  • Chilli Chicken (Weekend Special)
  • Chicken Biryani
  • Goat Biryani
  • Chicken Curry & Rice Combo
  • Chicken 65
  • Tandoori Fish
  • Goat Achar
  • Chicken Wings (Achari, Tandoori, BBQ)

There are many shops and restaurants in Brampton. But if you want authentic taste and food that leaves the fragrance of skilled cooking, look no further than our Tandoori Grill Meat Shop.

Experience the true Tandoori flavor like never before

Discover the authentic flavors of tandoori cuisine at Tandoori Grill Meat Shop. Our conventional techniques and distinctive mix of spices guarantee that every bite is packed with taste, taking you to the roads of India with every morsel.

Conventional Techniques for Tandoori Cooking

Tandoori Grill Meat Shop remains loyal to the origins of tandoori cooking, employing traditional methods passed down for generations. What is the outcome? Meats that are soft, moist, and filled with the delicious smokiness that can only come from a tandoor.

Blends of Tandoori spices with a unique signature

The secret spice blends at our restaurant stand out. We are experts at preparing meats to a higher level. Our spices play a crucial role in crafting a remarkable tandoori experience, from the ideal combination of spiciness and tanginess to the delightful aromatic mixtures that tantalize your taste buds.

Quality and Selection of Meats Offered

Quality is important when it comes to meats, and at Tandoori Grill Meat Shop, it is our main focus. By prioritizing freshness, sourcing, and offering a variety of cuts, you can be confident that each purchase you make is of superior quality.

Tandoori Grill Meat Shop obtains its meats from reputable suppliers. We have that only the highest quality and freshest meats are stocked on our shelves. Every bite reveals the care and attention to detail put into preparing your meal. Our dishes allow you to experience the difference in flavor.

If you enjoy succulent chicken, tender goat, or flavorful chicken biryani, Tandoori Grill Meat Shop offers a diverse selection of meat cuts and types for every taste preference. From skewers to chicken pieces, grilled cuts to raw chicken thighs, Brampton has a variety of top-quality meats to satisfy all tastes.

The Story Behind Tandoori Grill Meat Shop

Imagine this: a food fantasy originating in the lively center of Brampton, driven by a love for introducing genuine tastes to meat lovers. That’s the tale of Tandoori Grill Meat Shop in a spicy nutshell. Our adventure began with a dedication to excellence, a touch of special seasonings, and a great deal of passion for our craft. Come visit our shop and savor the delightful story we’ve been preparing.

It’s a flavor adventure you won’t want to skip! Ultimately, Tandoori Grill Meat Shop shines as a culinary treasure in Brampton

It is a place where taste combines with heritage for a convenient takeout option. This establishment caters to both connoisseurs and home cooks, whether they’re enjoying authentic tandoori dishes, trying different meats, or looking for expert cooking advice. We offer a diverse range of flavors and focus on ensuring high quality. 

We make it more than just a place to buy meat. It is a shop with optimum ambiance where you meet a sincere and dedicated team to help you out with your needs. Come to Tandoori Grill Meat Shop in Brampton and experience a flavorful adventure of taste and tradition that will have you wanting more.


1. What sets Tandoori Grill Meat Shop apart from other meat shops in Brampton?

Tandoori Grill Meat Shop stands out with its authentic South Asian spices and marinades, giving its meats a burst of flavor you won’t find elsewhere in Brampton. Plus, our skilled butchers ensure top-notch cuts.

2. Do you offer vegetarian options or sides to complement their meat selections?

No. As the name suggests, we take pride only in serving meaty delights. While we don’t currently offer vegetarian options or sides, we appreciate your interest and feedback. 

3. Are there any special dietary accommodations available at the Tandoori Grill Meat Shop?

You bet. We accommodate various dietary needs upon request. Just ask our friendly staff. We make sure products are healthy and suitable for our customers.

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